The first one! Sheffield United officially fires manager

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Sheffield United, the bottom team in the Premier League, decided to make their first managerial change during the season with the transfer of Paul Hecking bottom. Leave your position

The first one! Sheffield United officially fires manager

Sheffield United, the bottom team in the Premier League, have decided to make their first managerial change during the season, with the transfer of Paul Heckingbottom. Leave the position and bring Chris Wilder, the old manager, back to take the position again.

The Double Swords team is one of the three freshmen with the worst results of this ทางเข้า ufabet season. Having passed the first 14 games with only 5 points in hand, from 1 win and 2 draws. The rest lost 11 games and sank low in the table. The Premier League is now

The result caused Sheffield United to present a white envelope to Heckingbottom. The 46-year-old English coach was completed on December 5th.

The last straw was the most recent game where Sheffield United lost 0-5 to Burnley.

Change orders also come out in the same batch. To the immediate appointment of a new coach, with Chris Wilder, the 56-year-old coach. Returning to take on this job again. From where they were before between 2016-2021, at that time Wilder was the one who led the team to promotion to the Premier League in 2019/20 and led the team to finish in 9th place that season.

As for the length of Wilder’s homecoming contract. It was not disclosed. But it is expected that this will be until the end of this season at least.

Sheffield United is considered to be the first team to change a manager this season. Compared to the previous season on this same day. There have been 6 changes before a record of 13 manager changes throughout last season.