Solve questions about the Olympiakos logo. Who is in the club crest?

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  • Olympiacos wins the 2023/24 UEFA Europa Conference League.
  • This club has been established for over 90 years.
  • Get to know the emblems of the great clubs of Greece.
Solve questions about the Olympiakos logo. Who is in the club crest?

Not long ago, the 2023/24 Football Conference League season just ended. The championship went to ” Olympiacos, ” a famous team from the Greek league. After being able to defeat Fiorentina. A team from Italy, with a score of 1-0 in extra time. Successfully won the club’s first European championship.

However, despite having been familiar with the club’s logo for a long time. But many people are probably still wondering, who is the person on the Olympiakos club logo? So today would like to volunteer to take everyone to find out where the ทางเข้า ufabet club emblem really comes from.

Olymbiacos is a professional football club in the Greek league. Located in Piraeus. The club’s name comes from the ancient Olympic Games. Founded on March 10, 1925. It is one of the most successful football clubs in Greece.

They have won the league 47 times, the Greek Football Cup 28 times and have won the double 18 times. In addition, they have won the Greek Super Cup 4 times and a total of 79 domestic trophies. Which is considered more than any other club because clubs in greece. They have won the league championship a total of only 37 times.

Olympiakos holds the record for winning the league title in a row for 7 times in the 1997-2003 season and 2011-2017, breaking the record for 6 consecutive times in the period 1954-1959, earning the nickname ” Legend “. Greece ”

However, what many people wonder about is what the club’s crest actually is. “Image of a Greek Athlete,” a young Olympic participant wearing a crown that symbolizes morality, honor, competition, beauty, and athleticism. and clean playing which is the idea and concept of the Olympic Games.

The name of the club on the logo is written in Greek letters. All characters are in uppercase, with text, an olive leaf, a center circle, and a white outer frame. The ring is wide, numbering the year Olympiakos was built. and the shadow of the head is red These colors were chosen in 1925 to symbolize opposite ideas. White means morality Red means the desire for victory, courage and passion.

In the 2014/15 season, Olymbiacos won the league for the fifth time in a row. Making it the only club in the world Who were able to win the league 5 times in a row up to 5 times, with FIFA also writing a congratulatory letter to the club.

Olymbiacos have also won the Greek Cup five times in a row (1957-1961) and are the only club to have won the league undefeated six times (1937–1938, 1948, 1951, 1954). –1955) and is also one of only three Greek clubs that have never been relegated from the top flight.

In the 2012/13 season, when the club won its 40th league title, the club added a fourth star to the club crest, with one star denoting 10 league titles.

Currently, in the 2023/24 season, Olympiakos was able to win the Conference League championship for the first time for the club after defeating Fiorentina with a score of 1-0, making history as the first team in the country to win the championship. Europe has successfully conquered