Grading England national team players in warm-up games Opening match, home win over Bosnia’s national team 3-0

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  • England’s national team easily beat Bosnia and Herzegovina 3-0 at home, giving them a good start before competing in Euro 2024.
  • It was a match where Gareth Southgate had the opportunity to try out new players on the field together.
  • Cole Palmer scored his first goal for the senior national team.
Grading England national team players in warm-up games Opening match, home win over Bosnia's national team 3-0

Despite missing many starting players, Gareth Southgate’s team was able to beat Bosnia 3-0 at home as expected. In this match, the England national team coach had the opportunity to try out many new players. This has shown the problem of players who have never played together before under Gareth Southgate’s system, resulting in a lack of fluidity in the attacking game.

Including some irregular rhythms in the first half. Before the second half, they received a penalty when Ezri Konsa was pushed in the penalty area and Cole Palmer successfully put the ball into the net. After that, England changed and brought in the real players to make the game. Looks more stable before getting the 2nd and 3rd goals at the end of the game from Alexander-Arnold and Harry Kane

England national team player scores

Jordan Pickford – 6.5/10

Not very busy. In the beginning of the game, there were some moments where the opening kick of the game was lost. But besides that, try to be a good support for your friends when the โปรโมชั่น ufabet team is under pressure.

Ezri Konsa – 7.5/10

Shows his ability to play three positions in one game. Helps to coordinate the defensive game strongly. There is a chance to add in and help a friend play the offensive game. Plus he was the one who called the penalty which was the source of the lead goal in the second half.

Kieran Trippier – 6/10

Played as captain today. It still doesn’t have much prominence. Because he was assigned to play in the left-back position, which is not his preferred position. So he didn’t add up to play the offensive game as he should.

Lewis Dunk – 6.5/10

Played a solid defensive game. Has strength in aerial duels and wins every time. and was involved in helping set the ball from the backfield well.

Mark Gehi – 6/10

Despite being involved in helping Bosnia’s attackers play less well, today Gehi still didn’t play as thoroughly as he should. Lost a yellow card and had a chance to pass the ball across the field until he was snatched and shot and almost lost the goal.

Cole Palmer – 7.5/10

scored his first goal for the England senior national team. Playing in the attacking midfield position And there were many moments where the ball was passed quickly to allow a friend to go in and score a good goal. It can be said that it is no different from playing for Chelsea this season.

Conor Gallagher – 7/10

Played ok as a midfielder alongside Trent Alexander-Arnold, with Gallagher not being included in his England national team role. Going to attack like he did when playing for Chelsea, but he kept sweeping up the opportunity to get the ball to his friends, including at the end of the game having a moment of dragging his way up until he finished the score.

Eberechi Eze – 7.5/10

Considered striking and effective for his second game with the Roaring Lions, daring to raise, daring to play, dragging through and opening the way for his friends very well. Including being the player who tries to dribble past the opponent the most in this game, he looks similar to Raheem Sterling in his prime.

Jarrod Bowen – 6.5/10

In the first half he didn’t seem too involved in playing with his friends. The second half has more courage. Including the opportunity to pull the trigger but not score a goal. Still not in form like when playing for West Ham.

Trent Alexander-Arnold – 7.5/10

received the opportunity to play as a midfielder as expected. In the first half, he still didn’t seem to have much danger in playing the game according to his position. But in the second half, Trent adjusted to playing in the right-back position until he was able to score points by coming up and scoring a beautiful goal without touching it, helping England to be 2-0 away.

Ollie Watkins – 6.5/10

Considered new for the England national team striker because he is a man of strength and speed. Unfortunately, today’s finishing performance was not decisive enough. But was able to find space to run in and score goals quite well.


Jarrad Branthwaite – (replacing Mark Guehi, 62′) – 6/10

Considered not bad in his debut game with the England senior national team, helping the defense quite a bit, even though he took it. 1 yellow card

Jack Grealish – (in place of Eberechi Eze, 61′) – 6.5/10

While Eze provides England with attacking brilliance, Grealish comes in to provide a sense of stability on the side. left side The opposing defense looked more frightened until Grealish had the opportunity to throw in. Alexander-Arnold Shoot without touching the goal.

James Maddison – (instead of Cole Palmer, 61′) – 6.5/10

Came on to create many beautiful opportunities for his friends. Including being involved in playing defensive games quite a bit.

Harry Kane – (replacing Ollie Watkins, 61′) – 7.5/10

Shows why he has been so important to the England national team over the years, playing a part in the game quite a bit. Helped England’s offensive game to improve significantly. A shot greeted the goalkeeper from outside the box. before successfully scoring a goal in the 89th minute of the game

Adam Wharton – (in place of Kieran Trippier, 62′) – 6.5/10

Played without being embarrassed. The senior dared to play, dared to dribble, was involved in linking the game and tackling. It was considered usable. For this youngster

Joe Gomez – (replaces Lewis Dunk, 73′) – 6/10

came out to run around and get fit at the end of the game. There wasn’t any important moment.