Sleep a lot. Why are you still sleepy?

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Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt very sleepy, even though you didn’t sleep well last night? Don’t want to get out of bed don’t want to go to work Even though I forced my body to get up I still feel not bright and refreshed, to the point of being lazy to go to work and wanting to lie still all day. This kind of feeling could be an abnormality of the body.

Sleep a lot. Why are you still sleepy?

Sleep a lot. Why are you still sleepy?

1. Accumulated fatigue

It’s true that rest allows you to recover from fatigue after a hard day’s work. But the body cannot recover with just one night of full sleep. Accumulated fatigue from many days may require regular rest to restore the body to be refreshed and refreshed. Ready to take on new work as before. So you may have to be a little calm with your body. Give yourself time to rest for a while, it might get better.

2. Use your brain too much

Many people think about work while they sleep. Or someone may be personally struggling with something. Before going to bed, I thought about that. This causes the brain to not get complete rest as well. So the solution is Don’t think about stressful things while you sleep. Maybe try meditating. Set your breath in and out. Or you can pray before going to bed.

3. Obesity, fat beyond the standard.

Obesity makes our body not refreshed. Can’t be energetic You should find time to exercise to increase the metabolism of energy in the body. Stimulate the work of the heart Let the blood pump throughout the body. When endorphins work Guarantee that this time your body will be strong, your heart will be strong, you will sleep soundly, you will definitely wake up refreshed.

4. Eat too much sweet food

It is another reason that leads to obesity as well. The fact that we consume food that is very high in sugar It may cause the body to have too much blood sugar. Resulting in fatigue. Not fresh and bright Including spicy food from fermented foods, very salty and sweet.


How to fix the problem of sleeping a lot but still feeling sleepy?

Exercise regularly Don’t eat too much spicy food. Reduce stress before going to bed. Stop working and stop thinking distractedly 30 minutes before going to bed. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. And don’t work too hard. until the body does not get enough rest for a long time Because if the ยูฟ่าเบท body is still tired on a regular basis Guaranteed to be a space for germs. Various viruses Definitely going to attack you.