How to take medicine correctly and safely?

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It is correct to use the right medicine for the disease you are suffering from. But the most important thing is  “using the correct medicine”  with the medicine that the doctor has prescribed. There are medicines before meals, after meals, and prohibitions on taking certain medicines. So how to take medicine correctly according to the label? Today Tonkit360 has the answer for you.

How to take medicine correctly and safely?

How to use the medicine according to the label correctly. Take before meals.

When you see the word  “Medicine before meals”  is on the label. Many people may understand that Just a few more minutes Before getting up to eat You can take the medicine slowly. That is a misunderstanding because the medicine is taken before meals. It’s actually a medicine that you have to take about 30-60 minutes beforehand and should be taken on an empty stomach.

Medicine after meals

After finishing eating You don’t have to rush to pick up the medicine packet and unwrap it. Sit and let the rice sit for about 15-30 minutes, then get up to take your medicine after a meal. as prescribed by your doctor.

medicine with food

If the label says “Medicine with food”  means that after you eat the first bite. You should take the medicine immediately. Or you can take the medicine after eating half of your meal.


When sick, many people stagger to the doctor. When I received medicine to relieve my symptoms, I felt that my illness had disappeared. There is no need to take medicine anymore. That’s wrong. This is because antibiotics such as anti-inflammatories are classified as medicines that the patient must take completely according to the doctor’s orders. To prevent drug resistance of germs Because if there are drug resistance symptoms will result in the next time Cannot use the same medicine, same dosage, for treatment again.

Medicine before bedtime

For medicine before going to bed If you know that You’re going to turn off the TV and turn off the lights to sleep. You should get up and take your medicine about 15-30 minutes before going to bed.

Medicine that must be taken once a week

If the doctor or pharmacist has not specified a specific date Let you choose for yourself. What day do you want to take the medicine? For example, start taking the medicine on Wednesday. Please take that medicine every Wednesday, etc.

Symptomatic medicine 

such as paracetamol used to relieve fever and headaches Most are prescribed to adults if they have pain. Take 2 pills every 4-6 hours, so if you still have pain after taking the medicine for 2-3 hours. You still shouldn’t take more medicine. May cause toxic overdose.

If you forget to take medicine

I believe that many people have forgotten to take their medicine. When he realized this, he immediately got up and went to take the medicine. But if the time that you forget It’s almost time for the next meal. Please skip the forgotten meal. Don’t think about taking medicine in retrospect. By increasing the amount of medicine to 2 times in the next meal.

What types of medicines are there? that should not be taken together with lipid-lowering drugs, heart drugs, or bronchodilators

For all 3 types of drugs, they are types of antibiotics. If taken together, they will interact with each other and may cause more harm than good, such as resulting in increased drug levels in the blood of these drugs.

Anticoagulants and medicines or dietary supplements

Patients who are already taking anticoagulants regularly You should not take such medicines together with medicines or dietary supplements. Because it can cause abnormal bleeding that is life-threatening.

Certain groups of antibiotics and antacids, calcium, or certain vitamins

If you take antibiotics with antacids, calcium, or certain vitamins It will reduce the absorption of the disinfectant. As a result, the effect of the drug decreases.