Chronic itching is a dangerous sign of a terrible disease that you may not expect.

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in working age or middle age Some people will start having strange symptoms. keep increasing Whether the headache is more frequent Difficulty getting up and walking shoulder pain Including minor symptoms that many people overlook such as itching that may start from a slight itching. until itchy Scratch until it burns all over.

Who would have thought… chronic itching May lead to a disease that many people may not expect.

Chronic itching is a dangerous sign of a terrible disease that you may not expect.

Chronic itching is a warning sign of a dangerous disease.

chronic itching It may be a sign that indicates liver and kidney disease. It may also be an early symptom of blood system disease, diabetes, endocrine disease . or it could be cancer

Where is itching, what is the disease?

For itching due to dry skin all over the body and tend to itch during the night It could be a sign of kidney disease.

If someone is very itchy on the hands or feet and the position where the clothes are tight, such as the upper arms, waist, groin, under the chest, it may be a warning sign of liver disease.

As for itching from diseases related to the blood system or diabetes, there are often local itching, such as itching in the anus, genitals, or itching after contact with water.

itching from endocrine disease There will be itching all over the body.

If itching is very severe, both arms and legs, it may be itching from cancer.

But it’s too late… Chronic itching can be caused by other causes.

In addition to the aforementioned disease You may have some kind of skin infection. until causing itching as well Therefore, if chronic itching Must try for a dermatologist to draw blood Check for sugar levels, stool examination, biopsy or skin scraping to further detect infection.

What do you do when you have chronic itching?

In addition to the external ointment that the doctor may have prescribed You need to take care that your skin is not too dry. Always apply skin cream to moisturize the skin. Choose a shower cream that is mixed with moisturizer that keeps the skin hydrated. drink plenty of water Refrain from taking hot showers Avoid clothing that irritates the ยูฟ่าเบท skin. Do not use chemicals directly on the skin. and get enough rest