“Bananas” and their good health benefits, relieve gastrointestinal diseases, nourish the body

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Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine Revealing how to make use of bananas It is a body tonic. According to the knowledge of traditional Thai medicine Used as a treatment for gastrointestinal diseases, as a remedy for heat, thirst, and to nourish breast milk in breastfeeding women, especially honey-pickled banana recipes. According to folk medicine science It is also an elixir of longevity. 

“Bananas” and their good health benefits, relieve gastrointestinal diseases, nourish the body

Dr. Kwanchai Wisitthanon, deputy director-general of the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, said bananas can be used in cooking or prepared as medicine according to the science of traditional Thai medicine. Namwa bananas are used for health care.

Bananas and their good health benefits

  • Raw or raw bananas, which have an astringent taste, are used to relieve diarrhea that is not caused by infection. (Feces do not have blood mucus or diarrhea without fever) due to tannins in raw or unripe bananas. It has properties that help reduce spasms and reduce bowel movement. It will help relieve diarrhea.

How to eat 

  1. Eat half or 1 child at a time. 
  2. or slice into glasses Dry in the sun and then grind into powder. Take 10 grams at a time, brewed in 120 – 200 ml. of hot water, 3 times a day, before meals or when symptoms appear. 
  • Ripe Namwa bananas have a sweet taste and have a laxative effect. Helps relieve constipation. Because it contains a lot of pectin. Therefore, it helps add food waste to the intestines. When the intestinal wall is pressed, it makes you feel like having a bowel movement. 

How to eat 

Eat 1 – 2 balls at a time and drink plenty of water.

  • Banana blossom properties: It is a remedy for internal heat, thirst, and nourishes breast milk in breastfeeding women. It will be cooked into various dishes such as banana blossom salad, banana blossom curry. Steam banana blossoms with chicken, etc., or eat them as a vegetable side dish in Pad Thai dishes, etc. 
  • Honey Pickled Bananas

Honey Pickled Bananas It is a traditional medicine recipe. which is the elixir of longevity Helps nourish energy, nourish the body, nourish the ufabet https://ufabet999.com skin, and nourish libido. 


  1. Peel the ripe bananas and place them in a glass jar.
  2. Add enough honey to cover and preserve for 3 months. 

Eating size Eat 1 tablespoon at a time mixed with 1 glass of water (250 ml) 2 times a day. 

This formula should not be used in patients with diabetes.