10 dangerous signs of frozen shoulder joint, frozen shoulder joint

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As the age gradually increases Some people have problems with their bones, they don’t work as well as they used to. Move your body with a loud clacking sound. Again, there may be a problem of “shoulder stuck” to the point that it cannot turn the picker. or even wearing a shirt by yourself is still difficult What is the cause of this disease and how to treat it? Health has some advice for you.

10 dangerous signs of frozen shoulder joint, frozen shoulder joint

Frozen shoulder joint What is frozen shoulder joint?

Many people call it “stuck shoulder” for short. or stretch your arms freely There is often pain when moving the arm in the opposite direction, such as turning the arm backwards. act according to the rules Zip up the back of the shirt. wear a shirt over the head or even extending your arms to pick things up from a height

Frozen shoulder, what is the cause?

Caused by inflammation of the synovial membrane around the shoulder It may occur spontaneously without knowing the exact cause. Or it could be because you’ve had an accident that caused the ligaments in your shoulder joint to tear of https://ufabet999.com, become inflamed, or have a bone sprout in your shoulder. and not getting proper treatment until it may become a fibrous adhesion

It may also be caused by living in a very cold climate. like in an air-conditioned room all day long and rarely moving the body much because of the coldness that had been placed on the body for a long time may cause blood to flow to nourish the tendon and enough muscles until it can cause fascia in the shoulder area

There may be a frozen shoulder on only one side. or both sides (but usually the arm that is not dominant) if left for a long time may develop into stiff shoulders and permanently unable to move his arms freely until may have to undergo surgery to expand the shoulder bag in order to return the arm to work normally.

10 danger signs risk of stuck shoulder

If anyone has pain from such actions should see a doctor

1. Unable to reach things from a high place

2. Can’t pick up things in the back, such as picking things up in the back seat of a car. while sitting in the front seat

3. Can’t reach to zip the back of the shirt.

4. Can’t lift arms to put on a shirt over the head.

5. Can’t act according to regulations.

6. The door cannot be pushed hard.

7. It’s getting harder to turn the steering wheel.

8. Difficulty raising arms to wash your own hair

9. Difficulty reaching into the back pocket of your pants

10. Difficulty lifting shoulders