Tornado Omelette

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Tornado Egg, a chicken egg mixed with milk makes the meat more tender. Tornado omelette looks pretty and tasteful, requires meticulousness to beat the eggs to be smooth and homogeneous without any bubbles. Then put it into a pan with hot oil. Wait until the egg sets, then use chopsticks to gently turn them together, when the eggs begin to cook, scoop over rice Top with ham or fried bacon to make it more delicious.

Tornado Omelette

Tornado Omelet (for 1 serving)

Tornado omelet ingredients

  • egg2 eggs
  • Maggi Cooking Sauce Mellow stir-fry recipe,  ufabet  2 teaspoons
  • Fresh milk2 tablespoons optional
  • Ham and bacon1 tablespoon
  • Vegetable oil2 tablespoons

How to do

  1. Crack an egg mixed with milk and season with Maggi cooking sauce. Mellow Stir Fried Recipe Beat until smooth and homogeneous. Without bubbles
  2. Heat up the pan with oil. When it starts to heat, put the egg on and wait for the egg to set slightly
  3. Take a pair of chopsticks. Come to spin together in the middle and use one hand to spin. The other hand held the pan and kept turning it, creating a streak of eggs and waiting for it to almost cook.
  4. Spoon it over the rice and sprinkle bacon and ham on top of the egg.