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soy milk (soy milk) soy milk high protein drink How to make bean curd You can easily cook it yourself. To make tofu must be boiled with a suitable fire. Tofu is delicious.

Recipes, popular menus for today, we would like to present soy milk or soy milk, a drink from cereals for health. The secret to the deliciousness of tofu is quality ingredients. Food preparation and flavoring techniques

Soy milk recipe or soy milk recipe Healthy drink from soybeans Ingredients and steps are easy to understand. Suitable for cooking lovers menu for health lovers

Ingredients for making tofu

  • Soybean husks, halved 1 kg.
  • 3 kilograms of brown sugar
  • 5 liters of water
  • 2 pandan leaves
  • 1 can of condensed UFABET milk

how to make tofu

  1. Start by washing the soybeans thoroughly. Until the water washes the soybeans and removes all the floating beans. Soak in water at normal room temperature for 3 hours.
  2. Then put the soybeans into the milling machine thoroughly, add the sap to get the concentrated milk. If there is no grinder, blend thoroughly in a blender. Then give 2 layers of thin white cloth to filter out only the water. This step is important not to squeeze the milk from the soybean meal. Leave it for the water to drip down on its own. Because if squeezing the juice from the sludge, it can cause a rancid smell from the bean meal.
  3. When you get soy milk Bring to a boil over low heat. Add pandan leaves to make it smell good and help deodorize soybeans. Keep stirring all the time, boil for 45 minutes, then you can eat.
  4. Season with sugar and condensed milk at the last step.

Tips for making tofu

  • Choosing soybeans for making tofu Choose a new soybean. Successfully peeled and removed the waste beans that floated out.
  • The ratio of soybean juice is 1 kg of soybeans per 5 liters of water will get concentrated soybean juice, delicious.
  • Soy preparation techniques Soak the soybean water for 3 hours at room temperature. before being made and to be made immediately Don’t leave it to soak for another 3 hours to soak the soybeans to make the most delicious soybeans.
  • Selection of quality soybeans, soak them in water and wash them thoroughly until the water clears and remove the floating beans. because it is a rancid bean
  • To boil soybean water or soybean water, bring it to a boil over low heat. barren all the time so that the tofu does not burn If left to burn, it will spoil and cannot be eaten at all.
  • Sugar for adding soy sauce, use brown sugar, it will be sweet, fragrant, delicious.
  • Add evaporated milk to help make the soy sauce more oily and delicious.
  • Filtration of blended soybean juice does not require squeezing the pulp to get the most water. let it flow down on its own because of the pulp will make the smell of soy will make it unpalatable
  • To boil tofu, add pandan leaves as well. It helps to smell and deodorize soybean meal.

soy milk (soy milk) soy milk useful drink Can substitute cow’s milk protein How to make bean curd You can easily cook it yourself. To make tofu must be boiled with the right heat to get delicious tofu.