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Mango sticky rice, Sweets made from mango and sticky rice. How to Cook Mango Sticky Rice Easy to cook. Delicious Thai desserts Moon sticky rice with ripe mango For people who like sticky rice

Mango sticky rice

This summer recipe is a very popular dish, the dessert made from Moon Sticky Rice and MangoThe secret to the deliciousness of this dessert menu is quality ingredients. Food preparation and flavoring techniques.

Mango sticky rice Recipe, Sweet Dessert Menu, MoonSticky Rice  Popular desserts Easy to understand ingredients and making process, suitable for lovers of baking.

Ingredients for Mango Sticky Rice

  • 1 ripe mango using Nam Dok Mai mango
  • 1 dish of sticky rice moon
  • 7 tablespoons of ufabet coconut milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt

How to cooking Mango Sticky Rice?

  1. Mix coconut milk, sugar and salt to combine.
  2. Peel the ripe mango, then cut the mango pulp on a plate.
  3. Serve sticky rice moon on a plate with ripe mango pulp and topped with coconut milk.

Tips for making ripe Mango Sticky Rice

  • Mango sticky rice requires ripe mango, which is popular with Nam Dok Mai mango, which has beautiful big fruit, suitable for mango sticky rice menu.
  • Preparation of mango for making mango sticky rice Choose a ripe mango that is beautiful fruit without insect bites. The skin of the mango is not withered, the texture is tight, the mango is easily bruised. Preparing the mango requires a lot of care.
  • Glutinous rice for making moon sticky rice, choose to use old glutinous rice as glutinous rice, chewing snakes from Chiang Rai, it is suitable sticky rice for moon.
  • Coconut milk Choose to use freshly squeezed coconut milk by filtering it clean. Do not allow impurities in the coconut milk by the coconut milk to season.
  • Sugar for making sticky rice Moon, use palm sugar, sweetness of palm sugar. It is suitable for making Thai desserts.
  • Sticky Rice Moon If you want to get a beautiful green color as in the picture, use fresh pandan juice soaked in sticky rice. Green pandanus Will stick to sticky rice Add beautiful color and fragrance.

Mango sticky rice Sweets from mango and sticky rice moon How to Cook Mango Sticky Rice Simple and easy to cook. Mango menu, delicious Thai dessert, Moon sticky rice with ripe mango, Thai dessert for people who like sticky rice