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Coconut glass dessert, grated coconut meat mixed with sugar, sweet, delicious. How is the secret to deliciousness?

Coconut glass

Today’s popular recipes for recipes are presented as a sweet dessert from coconuts, that is, coconut glass . The secret to the deliciousness of the coconut is quality ingredients. Food preparation and flavoring techniques Soft coconut meat Chewy sugar, fragrant, mellow, sweet, ufabet , delicious, smell of pandan leaves

Coconut glass recipe, simple Thai dessert made from coconuts The ingredients and making process are easy to understand. Suitable for people who like to bake desserts.

Ingredients for making pandan coconut leaves

  • 1 cup coconut pulp, grated into strips
  • 5 dashes of palm sugar
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 4-5 pandan leaves, cut into pieces
  • 1 handful of butterfly pea flowers
  • 1 tablespoon red nectar

How to make pandan leaves

  1. Start by preparing pandan juice first by bringing the prepared pandan leaves into a blender with water. Blend thoroughly Then bring a lot of secondary only natural green
  2. Prepare the blue-purple Using pea flowers Take the butterfly pea flower and squeeze it with water. To get a natural blue-purple color
  3. Put the prepared grated coconut meat into the prepared natural color. By separate colors and bowls Red from red nectar Blue from pea flowers Green pandanus
  4. When the grated coconut meat has absorbed the color until the desired color is obtained, let it dry first.
  5. Prepare the sugar, divide the sugar and salt into 4 parts for the 4-color coconut glasses on low heat. Add palm sugar and chew until the sugar dissolves. Then add salt to it. Chew the sugar to be sticky and sticky.
  6. Put the grated coconut into it and mix it with the chewed sugar. Let the sugar mix thoroughly with the strands.
  7. Then put it aside to cool.
  8. Bring the same way like this With the coconut line of various colors until complete is prepared Just as much, it can be eaten.

Tips for making pandan coconut

  1. Pandan Juice Use fresh pandan juice to give green color and natural aroma of pandan leaves for the original deliciousness.
  2. Red nectar gives a natural red color.
  3. Butterfly pea flowers will give a natural blue color. Can be eaten
  4. Preparation of natural dyes for cleaning food. Do not allow it to be contaminated with dirt
  5. Sugar for making coconut glasses Choose to use coconut sugar, palm sugar, sweetness of sugar, giving the aroma and sweetness that match with coconut meat.
  6. To chew sugar, add salt to it. The saltiness of the salt will add the smoothness of the syrup to the deliciousness.
  7. Coconut uses mature coconut meat. Because the coconut meat is chewy and soft. Can be made into strips Petchburi’s Coconut It is a sweet and fragrant coconut.
  8. For people who like coconut meat a lot It can be changed from scraping into strips to slicing into sheets. But the slicing will make the coconut meat stick together when eating it is not appetizing. Therefore, icing sugar must be sprinkled again to prevent the sugar from sticking to the coconut line.
  9. The coconut meat is refrigerated first. Then wash the coconut meat thoroughly. To be grated into sheets by cutting must not be very thick because it will make the coconut meat hard.
  10. After mashing with sugar, air dry to allow the sugar to loosen moisture and dry it first.
  11. Coconut glass, if exposed to heat, sugar will melt, not appetizing. Therefore should not be stored in a hot place

Coconut glass, Thai dessert, grated coconut meat into strips or sheets, mixed with sugar. The softness of the coconut. With the sweetness of sugar, giving it the typical sweetness of Thai desserts