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Bua Loy In Ginger Juice, Sweet Dessert, Winter Health Menu Warms up How to Cook Bua Loy in Ginger Juice Easy to cook. How to make Bualoy flour Bualoy with black sesame bean filling Healthy desserts

Bua Loy In Ginger Juice

Today’s recipes suggest desserts for the sweet season. Cool weather Sweets that can help keep the body warm are Bua Loy, ginger water, hot ginger water, sweet and delicious Bua Loy. The secret to the deliciousness of this menu lies in the quality raw materials. Food preparation and flavoring techniques

Bua Loy recipes, ginger juice,  desserts, healthy menu, ingredients and easy to understand steps Suitable for people who love to make ginger desserts.

Ingredients for making Bua Loy in ginger juice

  • 300 grams of glutinous rice flour
  • 100 grams of rice flour
  • 1 cup water
  • 100 grams of ufabet green beans
  • 100 grams of black sesame seeds
  • 200 grams of sugar
  • 100 grams of brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of pineapple sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  •  2 large root ginger, sliced into a sheet
  • Clean water for boiling ginger juice

The process of making Bua Loy in ginger juice

  1. Prepare ginger juice by heating a pot of water, add ginger to a boil, and boil until you smell the aroma of ginger. Then add sugar and brown sugar to it. Keep chewing over low heat.
  2. Start from washing the green beans thoroughly. Then steamed the green beans to be cooked and ground thoroughly.
  3. Prepare the black sesame seeds by roasting them in a pan to make them fragrant. Then ground thoroughly
  4. Set to heat Add palm sugar and roast until dissolving. Add salt
  5. Mix mung bean and roasted black sesame into a pan of sugar. Stir the beans and black sesame seeds into the brown meat. The filling is sweet, fragrant and sticky, about one. Then let it cool first.
  6. Prepare the flour by sifting the glutinous rice flour and rice flour first.
  7. Mix the flour together and add water. Knead to make a smooth powder.
  8. Roll the dough into cubes and roll it into a sheet about 2 mm thick.
  9. Put the filling on the dough and wrap it in round balls. The water comes to rest.
  10. Form Bua Loi dough by filling with black sesame seeds into balls the size of a ping-pong ball Prepare a pot of boiling water over medium heat, bring Bua Loy to a boil. If Bua Loy floats up, it means it is cooked, put the boiled Bua Loy in cold water before waiting for the ginger juice.
  11. Prepare to boil Bua Loy Put a pot of water to boil. Then bring Bua Loy down to boil until the flour is cooked. Observed from the lotus seed began to rise
  12. Then bring the cooked Bua Loy to soak in cold water. Let Bua Loy set itself.
  13. Serve Bua Loy in a cup and add ginger juice. That’s it, it’s ready to eat.

Tips for making Bua Loi dessert with ginger juice

  • It is important to prepare the dough for making Bua Loy so that the right ingredients are obtained using two different types of flour. But when the water comes together Will make it taste The softness of the powder just right. For Bua Loi flour, we choose to use glutinous rice flour and rice flour, kneading the dough to make both types of flour mixed and combined together.
  • Bua Loy To be rolled into a sheet The thickness to fit, not too thick or too thin. Bua Loy can be made round or can be made into any shape you like
  • To boil Bua Loy, boil it with boiling water. And boiled water, use syrup The sweetness of the syrup will make the Bua Loy flour. Is deliciously sweet
  • Filling, use roasted black sesame seeds and finely fried with sugar. The sugar that has to be fried is palm sugar, which is sweet and sticky, easy to blend. Filling when finished Let it cool first. Therefore can be molded
  • For the poppy filling If you can’t find black sesame seeds, you can use green beans instead. In which if using green beans to make Green beans must be washed thoroughly until the water clears the green beans. This step is important If the water is not clear Green peas will smell. Then soaked in water for 3 hours, then steamed and cooked and then pounded and fried with sugar if used to make mung bean filling. Add the pepper to it. It will add the flavor of the filling very well.
  • Ginger for making water To choose to use old ginger Because the old ginger gives a spicy taste and smell good.