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Cantaloupe Juice, Juice from Cantaloupes, Cool Formula, Solve Thirst, How to Make Cantaloupe Juice Easy to do and eat by yourself. Cold drink Ingredients and making Suitable for health lovers

Cantaloupe Juice

Popular recipes for today offer a drink recipe, the juice menu is the popular fruit Cantaloupes, the price is gaining popularity today. Squeezed water mixed with pulp Season with sugar and ufabet salt.

Ingredients for making Cantaloupe Juice

  • Cantaloupe only, 2 cups of meat
  • 1 cup syrup
  • 3 cups water
  • 1 teaspoon salt

How to make Cantaloupe Juice?

  1. Bring the meat of cantaloupe. Come blended with water From the water, use some white cloth to filter only the water
  2. Mix cantaloupe juice with pulp, cantaloupes, syrup and salt.
  3. Serve in ice glasses or refrigerate to drink.

Tips for making Cantaloupe Juice

  • Choose a cantaloupe that is perfectly cooked, not too old, and the meat will not taste fresh. Empirically Look at the fruit of the cantaloupe. Must be hard skin, not soft, no rotten smell.
  • The sugar seasoning can be done with the syrup must be mixed with salt because the salty taste will create a smooth mellow.
  • For cantaloupe juices, you have to drink it cool to be delicious. Drink it fresh in normal temperatures, not refreshing. Adding ice can sometimes dilute the flavor. Bring it to the chilled, cold drink. Will be most suitable But depending on the satisfaction of the eater

How to make cantaloupe juice lies in the selection of fresh fruits. Just the right seasoning, it will get a healthy drink to cool off. Cantaloupe smoothie, sweet, refreshing, quenching thirst as well Simple methods to nourish the skin, prevent cancer, nourish the eyes, nourish the nervous system and brain.

In addition, cantaloupe juices can also help treat blood pressure. Prevent scurvy Helps in reducing fever Help quench heat, cure thirst Helps as a diuretic Helps to coat the stomach, expel milk, help expel waste from the body. Saw the properties of cantaloupes and then made the cantaloupe juices formula It is a drink recipe that should not be missed for health lovers.